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Practice Panties

Favorite Things

The Mistress

The Costume Party

The Goddess Within

Bedtime Feminization

Bedtime Feminization II

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy

An Afternoon with Miss Teresa

Hypno Girl/Hypno Slut by Dollyanne

Mistress Teresa’s Feminization Training

Dressing for Pleasure by Michelle Collant

Miss Teresa’s Beauty School-The Transformation

Making Marissa


Erotica, Wet Dreams and Assorted Paraphilias

Mommy’s Boy to Mommy’s Sissy Girl

They Made Him A Prissy Sissy Schoolie Slut

Forced Feminization Defined MUST READ!

The Forced Feminization Guide MUST READ!

The Panty Thief

Caught In Panties!

Queen For A Day

Turning Tim into Tammi

* Story Contest Winner Sissy Hubby

* Story Contest Winner The Red Swimsuit

* Story Contest Winner Trapped and Humiliated Sissy

* Story Contest Winner Kiss Me by Sweat Shop Sissy

* Story Contest Winner Saragirl’s Sissy Confession

* Story Contest Winner The Bet by Chrissygirl

Stories by Claudia Tyler-Mae

The Closet Sissy



John’s Tale

Stories by Ed Cantor

Just An Hour

The Catfish Sissy

A Working Day


Stories by Alamo Preacher

To Everyone’s Advantage

Stephanie’s Scheme

In The Bedroom

Stories by Pippa

Lost Bet

A Story of Feminisation: Pippa’s Story

Stories by AmandaBlair

Well that wasn’t counted on

Stories by Louis Friend

An Afternoon with Marcy

The Therapist: A Story

Safe Haven-50 Shades of Sissy

Stories by other Friends

A Sissy Surprise

Caitlin and Mistress Vicky

The Birthday Present by Donna Allure

Beginnings by Tricia

The Summer of 84 by Tonya St.Clair

A Shopping Trip Surprise By Tricia

The Price Of Fame by Jessica Storm

One Day Sunday by debee

A Sissy in Need Is a Sissy Indeed

Stephanie’s Chastity by Stephanie

Lady Jane’s toilet slave by Valerie

A Beast for Valerie

A Sissy Fashion Show by Prissy

Dinner Fantasy by Mistress Alora

Girls Breaking Boys by Pat Sampson

The Gown by Ellen

Give Me An A! by Ellen Stephanie Davis

Her Model by submissive man

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