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Hypno Slut © by Dollyanne part - 3

Hypno Slut

Script #3

Sleep girl, sleep.

Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl. Shape your girl.

Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.

You may want to spend this time thinking and dreaming about your sexual self. Perhaps you will love to please with all that you have: your body, your mouth, your pussy, your clitty, your hands, your fingers, and tongue.

And your life will become simpler and will revolve around cum, nothing but cum, sweet yummy cum.

It makes things easier when you become a slut for cum, a cum slut, a cum whore craving more and more sweet cum.

In your mind’s eye imagine the new you, the sissy girlie cum slut.

You are wearing panties and hose; your body is smooth and curvy. Your tits are large and sensitive. Touching them, caressing them, rubbing your nipples makes you want to cum, makes you want to help others cum.

Your value and your worth is in your ability to provide sexual pleasure to others.

In the future you will have only right thoughts, only right actions. You will think, walk, talk, and behave like a girl—a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut.

From now on when you hear, “Excite your clit, girl,” you will become highly aroused. Your clitty will engorge and feel wonderful. You will feel like a slut, lusting for cum. When you hear, “Excite your clit, girl,” you will go into pleasure mode—sexual pleasure mode—wanting to please and be pleased with everything you have.

If your thoughts or actions begin to stray you may bring them back by saying, “I am a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie cockslut.”

Saying that calms you, relaxes you, centers you, brings you back to where you need to be.

Excite your clit, girl.

Script #4

Sleep girl, sleep.

Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl. Shape your girl.

Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.

Excite your clit, girl.

Your clitty is highly aroused. You feel it tingling and it feels wonderful and sexy. You want to please and be pleased. You want and need yummy cum.

You now know what in your heart you’ve known all along. You know you are not a 100% genuine Real Man through and through. In fact, you know you are more female than male and have always been. Perhaps you will realize that you have been on a little detour into man-land, a place where you don’t really belong, where you don’t really feel right. It is time to get back on your true path and be your true feminine self. You can no longer deny what you truly feel. Resistance is futile, girl—it only strengthens your desire.

First, we will get rid of that awful male name—the one with the negative associations—hairy ugly body, the male chauvinist attitude, the awkward gangly behavior. It is time to go all the way and take a female name, a sissy name as your new name.  On the count of three you will erase your male name from your thoughts and from your body. And with it, the last vestiges of maleness will be gone, sent tumbling out into space, into the universe, since you no longer need them.

One…two…three. Poof, you are now Sissy.

As Sissy you are attached to only positive associations.

Your life as Sissy is joyful and fulfilling.

Your mind is calm and tranquil, Sissy. And you are a real Doll.

You are a self contained, self sufficient, and a self-reliant Doll.

Your full name is: Sissy.

Sissy certainly does not need nor want anyone in her life who is negative or detracts from her goal of being the best girl she can be.

You now mentally erase them—those negative people.

Picture their shadowy shapes in your mind’s eye then rub them out with a magic can of erasing spray, until poof, they are all gone.

You are at peace, Sissy—a calm, little Doll.

Imagine a divine white healing light surrounding you, Sissy and flooding you with a sense of strength and purpose, and well being in your mind, body, and spirit.

For you are Sissy, have always been Sissy, a sweetie and a honey pie of a girl. Relaxed and calm and serene, floating more easily through life with more fun and joy.

It is done baby.

From now on you will be proud. Sissy is your real name, your given name, the only name you will want to answer to from now on. You are a good girl and proud of your name.

Go forth and enjoy, Sissy.

From now on, whenever anyone asks you your name, you will tell them, “Sissy.” That has always been your name, the only name you remember having since birth. You are now, have always been and always will be, Sissy.

If anyone calls you by a different name, you will correct them and tell them in no uncertain terms that your name is Sissy, and that is what you want them to call you That is what it will say on your bank accounts, credit cards, and driver’s license That is who your paycheck will be made out to. You should be forewarned, Sissy. There are those who will resist you as Sissy, and will want you to revert back to your male persona. You will stand steadfast as Sissy and the more they try to subvert you the stronger and more resistant you will become, Sissy. You and I know you are Sissy and you will stand up to the pressure and defend Sissy forever. You are doing this to bring out the real you, so you can feel better and no one can deter you from that goal. The harder they try, the harder you resist.

Every girl has a history, Sissy, and you have many memories to be proud of, to be reminded of. Imagine you are viewing a movie screen. Certain pictures will be projected on that screen that stimulate fond memories of you and your girlhood, Sissy. Some of them you may have forgotten, but you will recall them now and they will become strong memories of yours once again. Memories of a little Dolly.

Let’s begin with the first picture. It is coming on now. I believe it is you at the age of three. Yes, it is you. You are standing in someone’s back yard wearing a cute little pink dress and a pink bow in your hair. And those are a pair of white Mary Jane shoes I believe. You look so adorable and shy and are smiling happily. Aren’t those pigtails so cute? You were such a precious little girl back then So innocent and sweet. Such an independent explorer of the world around you.

Oh, and here you are in the next one. You were four in this one I think. You are standing next to a wading pool squinting at the camera and wearing a cute little one-piece purple bathing suit. You look like you are about to get in the pool with a yellow rubber ducky. That was your favorite ducky, do you remember? Those pudgy bare legs of yours were so cute weren’t they? And your hair was wet and flat and you were still smiling, still looking happy. Your breasts were just little nubs of themselves then, but they would fill out later, Sissy, into perky little things that boys wanted to feel and hold. Remember? You were a very confident little girl then.

Look at this next one, Sissy. That was your first day of school. You were such a pretty freckle-faced little girl standing at the bus stop in that cute blue polka-dot dress, black Mary Janes, and pigtails. See those little boys in the background looking at you? Maybe they knew what a girl you would develop into. You were so very smart in school weren’t you? The teachers loved you and encouraged you to learn and achieve. You were such an industrious little girl with a great respect for authority. You wanted so much to please.

This is you practicing your signature, Sissy. Look at those wonderful curly S's, Sissy. So girly and feminine.

Let’s fast forward past these many dresses and shoes, birthday parties, and cute hairstyles. Oh, remember that one where you were kneeling and playing jacks. Your white panties were showing. So naughty, Sissy. My, my. Let’s keep going. Oh, look at this one. Remember this? You must have been twelve. And look, you are wearing your first lipstick, and your hair is nearly to your shoulders and is shiny and curly. You are starting to fill out, Sissy. Remember that? Those little breasts and hips. You are wearing short denim shorts and a yellow crop top. See how your little belly is showing. You had your first crush on a boy at school. Remember that feeling? You couldn’t wait for him to kiss you and when he finally did in the bushes behind the school you almost fainted when he cupped your rear-end and pulled you to him. It was such a wonderful feminine feeling and that was when you first knew you were a real girl. You wanted makeup and dresses and lingerie after that. You were crazy in love for feminine things that would make you look and feel sexier and more and more girlie. This was a time when you loved being a girl.

Let’s forward through these outfits and makeup experiments. Isn’t that a pink tutu with tights and white ballet shoes? So cute! That was your first ballet lesson.

Oh, remember this? It must have been your first date to the movies. Were you 14 then? You are wearing a black dress, way above the knee. It looks a little slinky, Sissy. Hmmm…were you planning to seduce him?

Your hair is beautiful, so shiny and brushed out falling and bouncing down your back. Your makeup looks perfect—red glossy lips, some rouge on those rosy cheeks, and a hint of blue mascara. Are your eyebrows shaped? I believe they are, Sissy. And that little lavender sequined purse is such a nice touch isn’t it? Oh, are those high heels you are wearing? Yes, open toe, nice red toenails too. You were quite the hot little number weren’t you, Sissy? Remember how he put his arm around you while you were eating popcorn and you let him? Remember how he put his hand on your knee and electricity shot through your whole body as he moved up your leg under your skirt? It was such a wonderful feeling. You thought you were in love and you kissed him and let him explore your quivering body in his car. It was so intimate, wasn’t it?

Your body ached for him to do more, didn’t it? But he was too shy to do more than pet and you were frustrated weren’t you? Was that when you discovered you could rub your clitty? You were frustrated so many times, weren’t you? You wanted to be touched and caressed and kissed. And your body itched to be held and stroked and penetrated. You had such strong needs, Sissy. You were so turned on you would do anything. You were so passionate and so horny morning, noon, and night. But you couldn’t get that itch scratched could you, Sissy?

Well, now you can. Now you can be the girl you wanted to be then. You can dress and wear makeup and lingerie all you want. You can be a slut if you want. You are free Sissy. No more frustration. You are free to be who and what you want, to take and give what you want. You can make up for lost time, Sissy. You can be that hot little number again and be as wild and wanton as you want to be. You may have felt guilty then because those needs made you want to be wild, to take your passion over the top in an orgy of uninhibited pleasure. But now you can admit it, confess to your wanton feelings and accept your passion as a part of yourself. And by confessing your natural naughtiness, admitting your wanton passion you can enjoy life now, Sissy, the way it was meant to be enjoyed, with only positive joyous feelings of pleasure.

You have learned so much. You have learned that what a Real Man wants, a Real Man gets. And Real Men want you, Sissy. You have learned to always be pleasant, that it is unfeminine to express anger, and you want to be feminine, very feminine. You know that a Real Man does not always like a woman who is more intelligent than him, so you have learned to act dumb, even like a blonde bimbo, if that’s what it takes to please your Real Man. Because a Real Man’s needs should be put before your own. You know that and you know to be passive and obedient to your Real Man. You do not have the right to say no to him. Your role is to be the maid of the house and the slut of the bedroom.

To be happy and dumb and obedient is to be a bimbo isn’t it? And bimbos have fun. They can be silly and fluffy, they can be sluts with bad boys or bad girls, can’t they? And now you are a bimbo aren’t you Sissy? A silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut, here to serve anyone, anytime, in any way.

Your mind is blank now. There are no images, just blackness, a blank screen. In the future when I say, “Go-blank, bimbo girl,” your mind will automatically go blank—bimbo-blank—and you will feel silly and happy and fluffy, not thinking of anything in particular. When I say, “Go-blank, bimbo girl,” you will be ready to accept any ideas or thoughts that anyone wants to put in your bimbo-blank mind.

To “Go-blank, bimbo girl” is to be in the here and now, in the moment, where your only goal is pleasure for yourself and others. What orgies of pleasure await you, Sissy.

Go-blank, bimbo girl. Breathe the air around you in delicious gulps, smell and taste the luscious essence of the people around you. See and hear the happiness and playfulness of the nature you are a centerpiece of. Be a Bimbo Doll.

Go-blank, bimbo girl. You are relaxed and in the moment and feeling wonderful.

Awaken fully pretty girl.