Privacy Policy


First of all that is not me on my bike. Yes I ride a motorcycle but its not a crotch rocket, and I value my privacy just like you. Plus I have much larger breasts.

Here are a few things you should know:

I do not sell or give out your information, including your email to anyone-ever.

Still have some concerns? OK then, let me make this as clear as the stains in your panties when you listen to my recordings.

I will NOT be coming to your house with a truck full of lingerie, dresses, wigs, makeup, heels and a video camera crew. I’m sorry but I no longer have a truck.

I will NOT put you on a mailing list of any kind and you will never hear from me again. Unless you really want to and ask nicely. Then we can be friends.

I will NOT call you or give you my personal telephone number. This one is not open for debate.

And finally, I will NOT take you for rides on my motorcycle to Victoria’s Secret and help you pick out a new babydoll. Not now anyway, maybe when I get a bigger bike in the spring.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and ask. NO request is too bizarre, too over the top, or too extreme.

Well actually many of them are, but you never know until you try. Try me.

PS: If I do take you for a ride and you grab my tits, I’m going to drop you off at the nearest biker bar and tie you to the pool table naked. The guys hate to be interrupted but sometimes they make an exception.