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What is Forced Feminization and how does it work? Is it forced? Is it feminization? Is it embarrassing? Is it humiliating? Is it fun?


Almost all crossdressers begin their hobby by trying on a pair of panties. Since most guys don’t have their own panty drawer, they accidentally on purpose discover a pair lying around somewhere, and for some reason decide to put them on.

So our crossdresser puts on a pair of silky, satin panties and discovers something interesting. They feel fantastic. Not only is wearing the soft, lacy, feminine lingerie exciting, but there is also the feeling of danger. He could easily be discovered at any moment and it would be a catastrophe. But he continues to explore this fetish despite the consequences. Babydoll nighties, stockings and pantyhose, bras, slips, blouses, skirts, dresses and even high heels, until he realizes that he can no longer jam his size 10 foot into a woman’s size 7 shoe.

As our crossdresser continues his journey he may develop a fantasy where he is caught doing the very thing he is trying so hard to keep a secret. This is known as forced feminization. Most forced feminization fantasies are based on being discovered, blackmailed, and feminized as punishment.

Now I know what you’re thinking; if he likes dressing up so much why would it be punishment? This is where it gets interesting. Without getting too deeply into the psychological reasons behind forced feminization fantasies, let’s just say that he gets a little more than he would have liked. In fact, he gets a lot more than he would have liked. He is dressed in the most feminine lingerie imaginable, teased and taunted, his hair is done in a very feminine style, his nails are painted, makeup is applied with surgeon like precision, and he is put into a very short, very tight dress.

What about other forced feminization fantasies, are there more? Oh yes. The variety of ways that crossdressers devise to be forcibly feminized is almost endless. The key point is that they have no choice but to submit to whatever is asked of them. Whether that is having their eyebrows waxed in a crowded beauty salon, modeling lingerie for a group of sorority girls, or even becoming a cheerleader.

You may have many more questions since this is a complicated subject. You can read, listen to and download all kinds of forced feminization stories, MP3s and pictures. You can even find a new place to buy your own panties so this never happens to you.

Of course, you may actually want this to happen to you. If that’s the case I’ve put together a forced feminization guide to help you.

See you at the salon!

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